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Solve: Force HTTPS on your WordPress Website using Plugins

To force HTTPS on your WordPress website, you can follow these steps:
  1. Install and activate the Really Simple SSL plugin.
  2. Once activated, the plugin will automatically detect your SSL certificate and make the necessary changes to your site’s settings to ensure that all traffic is redirected to HTTPS.
  3. You can also configure the plugin to enable HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) on your site, which will tell browsers to always use HTTPS for future visits.
  4. After the plugin is installed and configured, you should test your website to make sure that all pages are loading correctly over HTTPS.
  5. Finally, update your site’s URLs in the WordPress settings to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Note: Before proceeding with this process, make sure that you have an SSL certificate installed on your website. This can be done through your web hosting provider or a third-party SSL certificate provider.

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