Formatting a Post in WordPress

Formatting a Post in WordPress

Formatting a post in WordPress is similar to formatting a page. Use the built-in options in the WordPress block editor to format your post content. Here are some key formatting options:

  • Text formatting: Apply formatting options such as bold, italic, or strikethrough by selecting the text and using the toolbar that appears above the block. You can also create bulleted or numbered lists, add quotes, and change the alignment of your text.
  • Heading styles: Organize your content using different heading styles, such as H1, H2, and H3. Select the text and choose the appropriate option from the ‘Heading’ dropdown menu in the toolbar.
  • Links: Add hyperlinks by selecting the text you want to link clicking the ‘Link’ icon in the toolbar, and entering the destination URL.
  • Images and media: Insert images, videos, or other media using the ‘Image’ or ‘Media’ blocks. Click the ‘+’ icon to add a new block and choose the appropriate media block.

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